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We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with our catalogues. We hope they bring you closer to our offer.

Please note that new articles and accessories appear every day, so the following catalogues show only a part of our product range.

The current wholesale offer is available in the Contractor’s Desk, while the retail offer is best viewed in our store GoDanParty.pl

Reusable drinking straws by GoDan
Reusable drinking straws

File size: 8 Mb

Katalog GoDan Costumes 2024Catalog Costumes 2024
File size: 202 Mb

Special Occasions 2024Special Occasions 2024
File size: 272 Mb

Black&Gold Godan TrendbookBlack&Gold Trendbook
File size: 55 Mb

Katalog Special OccasionsSpecial Occasions 2023 Catalog
File size: 350 Mb

Katalog akcesoria do balonówBalloon Accessories 2023
File size: 15 Mb

Boo! Halloween TrendbookBOO! Collection
File size: 48 Mb

Trendbook GoDan Summer 2022Trendbook Summer 2022
File size: 36 Mb

Nowości GoDan 2022Novelties 2022
File size: 98 Mb

Katalog Nowości 2021Novelties 2021

File size: 20 Mb

Katalog GoDan 2021Katalog 2021

File size: 213 Mb

Katalog Nowości 2020New products 2020

File size: 52 Mb

Katalog Happy Birthday 2020Katalog Happy Birthday 2020

File size: 226 Mb

Katalog Beauty&Charm

New Premium Product Lines
File size: 4 Mb

Katalog 2020Katalog 2020

File size: 125 Mb


Catalogs of companies we are a distributor of:

Katalog Gemar 2021

Size: 82 Mb


Our previous (archive) catalogs:

Catalog Pinatas

Pinatas – Discover another way…
File size: 4 Mb

Catalog Happy Birthday 2019

File size: 410 Mb

Catalog 2019

File size: 136 Mb

Catalog 2018/2019

File size: 285 Mb

Catalog Summer 2018/19

File size: 44 Mb

Katalog Party 2018
Catalog 2018

File size: 256 Mb

Katalog Urodziny 2018
Catalog Urodziny 2018

File size: 23 Mb

Catalog “Summer”

File size: 24 Mb

Catalog “2017”

File size: 146 Mb

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