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In GoDan, we are convinced that the key to long-term and fruitful cooperation are the values ​​and principles we believe in:
GoDan - Balony - Dlaczego My?

Quality and price – the distribution of over 11,000 products is a big challenge, so all the more we care about the high quality of the products we offer. Whether we produce goods ourselves (e.g. clothes or drinking straws) or we buy goods from qualified suppliers from Poland, European Union, America or Asia, we pay great attention to quality control. Affordable price is also our distinguishing feature.

Our own production – in order to further match the product to the Polish customer requirements and to ensure fast delivery of orders we have our own production line of articles (e.g. straws and costumes and carnival caps for children and adults).

Partnership in business – our sales team always strives to understand the needs and expectations of customers. We want to strengthen our position as a first choice company in articles and party accessories, so we prefer long lasting relationships and fruitful collaboration over short-term sales targets.

Compliance with trends – we analyze all the novelties, fashion and trends on the European and world markets. We participate in many fairs and exhibitions. We strive to respond quickly to the changing expectations of our target customers so as to optimize the distribution of the products they are seeking.

Experience – running a business over a quarter century means wide experience scope. The market is changing dynamically and is becoming increasingly competitive, so continuous development is essential matter. We build new sales channels, expand our offerings, improve quality, invest in people and optimize all processes. We use the acquired knowledge to further satisfy growing market demands.

Engagement – for many employees GoDan is more than just a place of work. We value employees who are open and enthusiastic about their work. We strive for the employees to enjoy personal satisfaction while working for the success of the company and its customers. We often participate in the so-called difficult, urgent, custom orders.

A sense of humour – by working in this industry is not difficult to develop the competence of “FUN” 🙂 Most of the joy and satisfaction give us the real smiles that are on the faces of people using our products. We are their loyal users too – we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, children’s births, or the most important company’s successes.

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