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In GoDan we rely on proven, qualified partners with a well-established position on the world markets. As the industry leader in Poland, we work with the best, from whom we can draw inspiration and whose products are a brand themselves.
Our business partners are companies from Poland, the European Union, the United States and Asia, which are active in the international markets, which is the reference point for the worldwide market of Party articles and balloons.
We prefer long-term contracts. We have contracts for exclusive sales of products on the Polish market with many suppliers.

GoDan - Nasi Partnerzy

Our key partners are:

  • Gemar – the largest latex balloon factory in Europe and one of the largest factories in the world. It has a very wide range of products, including printed balloons.
  • Qualatex – American factory of latex, foil and “bubbles” balloons. It offers products of the highest quality, used for decoration by professionals.
  • Procos – a company specializing in party license products. Currently being a European leader and one of the largest Disney licensees.
  • Flexmetal – a company known throughout Europe for foil balloons.
  • Anagram – a recognized producer of licensed foil balloons from the USA.

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