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Our mission and goal is innovation! Innovation and novelty: in the assortment we offer, its quality, aesthetics and functionality; in our work organization and procedures, in the quality of customer service, in logistics and new technologies, and finally in the relations and atmosphere at work!
If the activities we do, which we have “always” done can be done better – we change our routine to a new, better standard. If we find out that our goods are not good enough for the client, we change it for better one with humility, abolishing the verdict of the “market” – because we want to be better and better! Really better, not just in your own opinion. If new information or logistics technologies allow us to improve our processes, we implement them, although it is sometimes (maybe always?) difficult and requiring changes in habits. If our traders and sellers visit the customer somewhere in his office, they do not sell the product, they establish relationships! Relations are the most important for us! Not just a one-off profitable transaction, but a fair business relationship, win-win, one about which, even after many years, both sides think as successful and honest. Innovation in management is also important to us: fair assessment and treatment, common discussion of errors and methods of avoiding them, educating everyone.


We are the most sought after company and business partner for job candidates, for contractors, franchisees and hypermarket buyers – they value our goods and relationships.

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