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GoDan Company together with Pioneer (owner of the Qualatex brand) cordially invite you to the following events:

1. On Tuesday, May 8, the Fundamentals course is held – repeatedly tested and refined Qualatex course for beginners. The course is going to be led by one of the English instructors.

2. The Certified Balloon Artist exam (CBA – certified balloon artist) is held at the same time as the Fundamentals course. This is the most prestigious title in the world of balloon decorators. Anyone who has the right skills and passed the theoretical exam QBN can apply for this title.
3. The Magical Party Designs course takes place on Wednesday, May 9. It is going to be led by Dominic Cassidy CBA and his colleague Kieth Stirman CBA. For many years they have been running their own balloon company, and they share the gained experience on courses they conduct in many countries. Dominic will be in Poland for the first time, and Keith was here only once, so many elements of their training will be shown to us for the first time. They will present a set of the most important subjects for each professional decorator and a number of inspiring solutions, with high profitability, about the use of latex and foil balloons, bubbles combined with twisting techniques that can be easily recreated by the participants and used as a room decoration or ready-made elements for sales. This is a very practical day, which also includes sales tips, price calculations and the principles and elements of the project. Special attention will be paid to the elements of decoration with the use of film numbers, deco bubbels and novelties in the creation of balloon bouquets. This is the course for advanced decorators and sellers, before participating in this course, we recommend taking a course for beginners.

All courses will be conducted with the help of a translator.
After completing the course, each student receives a certificate.

Fundamentals PLN 160 net per person. The price includes a coffee buffet and lunch.
CBA exam PLN 160 net per person. The price includes a coffee buffet.
Magical Party Designs PLN 240 net per person. The price includes a coffee buffet and lunch.

All information about the trainings:
tel. (0-22) 721-32-00
e-mail: j.lenart@godan.pl
Email is preferred.

Szkolenie z dekoracji balonowych.
Szkolenia z balonów.

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